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Travel to Asia with Peace of Mind 24/7 Language Service

Japanese Government such as Japan Consulate are using Jan's Emergency Contact Services Established in 1980, JAN is the world's first emergency help line that started an unprescedented 24/7 language interpretation / translation asssintace services that cover over 90 languages for both outbound Asian travelers and for inbound travelers to Asia. This service, based on a readily available telephone "hot line," provided immediate language translation service breaking through the cultural barriers to identify problems, get answers to questions and, most importantly, to get needed help in emergency situations. The keys to the program's success have been our expertise in Asian cultures and our 24-Hour, 365 Days Hotline and the peace of mind it has provided travelers or those working or studying abroad.

Through our unnumbered 40 years of experiences, JAN observes the local systems of the country where the help is being sought and renders services in close contacts with the local government entities including embassies, consulates, police, law enforcements, fire departments, emergency hospitals, medical facilities, attorneys, lawyers, and other legal services.

JAN is the integrated 24/7 language and travel assistance services. All travelers can turn to us for immediate assistance from anywhere in the world. Only a telephone call is needed.

For 24/7 Japanese/English Bilingual Legal Answering & Assistance Services.

Japanese Answering & Assistance Services (JAS24.com)

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